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Landscape and Hardscape Services


From mulch installation to installing an existing landscape plan, we can help you craft your perfect Door County retreat. See our list of landscaping services below.


One of our unique services is our hardscape installation. We specialize in premium dry set flagstone patios and walkways. In addition to flagstone, we build patios out of concrete pavers that are completely customizable in design, shape, and type of paver. We have a vacuum stone lifter that makes creating patios of large stone possible, even in hard to access areas. If you would like a paver patio, we can guide you in designing a custom patio including outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

In addition to patios, we create stone stairway. Stone stairs can make your property more accessible whether you need stairs to access part of your property or want access to the water, we can help. Our equipment is perfect for creating the base for the stairs as well as installing them. We have multiple options for material based on your needs. We can use natural stone, or if you want a uniform more stable surface we can use precast concrete stairs.

Door County Limestone Flagstone Walkway

Dry Set Flagstone Walkway

We offer a wide variety of flagstone walkways and pathways throughout your Door County property.

Door County Limestone Patio

Dry Set Flagstone Patio

We offer Door County limestone flagstone paver patio options. We can completely customize your patio to fit your unique needs. We have a vacuum suction device that make moving large pieces of flagstone possible without damaging the stone.

Paver Patios

We specialize in precast concrete paver patio installation. We utilize multiple prodcuts, including Unilock products, to build your perfect, smooth, and accessible outdoor patio space.

Stone Stairs

We can build stone stairs to make your property more accessible. We can build them up a hill or down to the water to create a safer, more accessible Door County Property. We can build them from natural stone or from precast concrete.

Mulch Installation

We have multiple different types of mulch that we can deliver or deliver and install for you. We have fine ground or chipped mulch that comes in different colors such as natural, dark chocolate, or black.

Tree Planting

Jonathan has a passion for planting trees and restoring land back to its natural state. We have a bobcat attachment that makes planting trees incredibly accessible, no matter the size.

Lawn Installation

We can install full sod yards or plant seed that is fit for a Door County lawn. From land clearing, leveling, and sod or seed installation, we can handle it all.

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