Equipment Operation

We have a wide variety of equipment including multiple track Bobcat skid steers, mini skid steers, mini backhoe, and a large fleet of trucks. One of the great things about Bobcat equipment is that it is built to have interchangeable attachments. Below are some of our most popular attachments for our Bobcat and how it can serve your Door County property. You can hire us for a specific job or for an extended period of time to make your dream Door County retreat come to life.

Bobcat Skid Steers

We have multiple track Bobcat skid steers in differing sizes to tackle any project.

Mini Backhoe

Our mini backhoe is a great addition to our equipment fleet. It is able to tackle larger projects while being able to access tight areas.

Truck Fleet

We have a large fleet of trucks that can deliver material, haul debris, and more.

Mini Bobcat Skid Steer

Our mini Bobcat skid steer is great for accessing tight areas. We have multiple attachments that we can use to do light excavation, light landscaping, hardscape installation, and moving small buildings or materials.

Bobcat Skid Steer Attachments


Can loosen up hard soil, prepare garden beds, and can be used to prep for lawn installation.

Rock Bucket

One of our favorites! It is used to pick up rocks and debris, spreading and raking mulch and wood chips, and can be used as a giant rake.

Landscape Rake

This power landscape rake combs the ground and picks up and collects rocks and debris down to 3/4 inch stone. It prepares a perfect seed bed for a lawn.


We have multiple graders similar to this one. It hydraulically angles from side to side allowing us to set a crown or pitch on any surface.

Soil Conditioner

The soil conditioner has a power drum that spins to loosen the top layer of soil in preparation for lawn installations.

Brush Grapple

Can grab and collect large piles of material such as brush, junipers, and logs.

Brush Cat Mower/Bush Hog

It can mow bushes, small trees, grass, and junipers to reclaim your valuable property creating a quant Door County meadow.


The forks turns our Bobcat into an all terrain forklift. It can even move a large artwork including sculptures!

Post Hole Digger

The post hole digger, or auger, can dig holes for planting trees, installing fences, and more!

Mini Bobcat Forks

Our mini bobcat has forks that allow us to access tight areas. Here we are using it to move a small building.

Rotating Grapple for the Mini Backhoe

This makes the backhoe extremely versatile. You can grab logs and brush to load into a truck or grab large rocks and set them in place for retaining walls. It’s like putting a robotic hand on our backhoe.

Equipment Gallery

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