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Nothing quite says country living like a gravel driveway. While the driveway should not be the focal point of a property, it does accent it and lends to the first impression as you and your guests enter.

As driveways age they tend to deteriorate. Heavy rains, freezing and thawing and winter snow removal all take their toll on your driveway. Problem areas such as low spots continue to hold water long after the last rain. Potholes form and soon navigating your drive can be a chore. Hitting potholes or washboarding on a daily basis puts unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

Thankfully, we specialize in gravel driveway repair and maintenance. For over 20 years we have owned Bobcat equipment. In that time we have become experts in installation, care and repair of gravel driveways. Our Bobcat and grader are the perfect fit for your driveway needs. While each driveway is unique, the solution is often to build up trouble areas with the proper material and encourage proper draining of water from the driving surface. We can build up your driveway with new gravel and give it a crown to shed the water. We use a local Door County limestone gravel that has the right mix of stone and fines to pack down and stay in place, restoring and adding new life and value to the property. The ultimate goal is to create a smooth, hard driving surface that is a pleasure to use.

In addition to crushed Door County Limestone, we also offer premium grade crushed recycled asphalt. Recycled asphalt packs together better, creating a harder surface than a gravel driveway. Using recycled asphalt also reduces washout on hills and driveways with a pitch. Premium grade recycled asphalt can be a nice alternative to gravel driveways that have a tendency to washout.

Driveway Installation

We will strip the organic material from the driveway location, install a base with breaker-run, and add the right amount of crushed Door County limestone road gravel.

Resurfacing Gravel Driveways

Our approach to gravel driveways has been crafted with Jonathan’s 20+ years of experience. We build a crown to help shed the water and provide proper drainage to reduce standing water. Standing water is one reason for potholes and gravel driveway damage. We offer options for different depths of material based on your driveway’s specific needs.

Recycled Asphalt Driveways

Recycled asphalt can be a great option for driveways that have a pitch, are on a hill, or need to pack together better than gravel.

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