Light Excavation & Land Work

Land Work and Light Excavation Services

We offer a wide variety of light excavation and land work services! From clearing building sites to installing paths and retaining walls, we can help you craft your perfect Door County escape.

Driveway Install

We will strip the organic material from the driveway location, install a base with breaker-run, and add the right amount of crushed Door County limestone road gravel.

Lot Clearing and Property Cleanup

We have the ability to do everything from mowing your field and removing junipers to clearing the lot for a building site. Our compact equipment can get in tight places while having the ability to do large land clearing projects.

Light Excavation

With the mini backhoe, multiple skid steers, and the mini skid steer, we can do light excavation projects that require precision and accessing tight spaces.

Excavation and Land Work Gallery

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